As a woman, you may be finding yourself struggling to answer the question, “Where do I fit in within the Military”? Maybe you have a strong desire to join, but you’re not quite sure what your options are. Feeling overwhelmed is certainly justified upon hearing the statistic that nearly 80% of the U.S. Armed Forces is made up of men, but that shouldn’t deter you from finding a career in the Service that fits you as both a woman, and as a person.

Medical Jobs

The top military jobs that are held by women include those in the medical field. Nurses, doctors, biomedical science and allied health officers are all common career choices for women, though that’s only the beginning.

US Army

There are few restrictions for women in the US Army. In fact, 91 percent of all occupations within this particular branch can be held by both men or women. The major restrictions in the 9 percent include roles that have frequent front line combat in special forces an infantry work. Army roles that women do frequent include medics, gunners, drivers, pilots, police, tactical operations and engineering.

Marine Corps

Women account for almost 5 percent of all marine officers today. The Marine Corps is a little more restrictive to women, only allowing 62 percent of jobs to be available to women. These jobs include specialist jobs in electronic warfare, biological and chemical, intelligence data systems, logistics, and nuclear and ammunition. Essentially all jobs are accessible to women except infantry and special operations.


One of the least restrictive branches is the Navy, in which women can choose their training and career in any number of previously stereotypical male roles. Advanced weapon systems, construction, engineering, explosives, aircrew, diver and aviator are all roles that are becoming increasingly popular for women to take on.

Coast Guard

Another branch that officers the same opportunities to both men and women is the Coast Guard. This branch in particular gives women the opportunity to pursue careers in search and rescue, maritime law enforcement, environmental protection, security and military readiness.

Air Force

Not completely without restriction is the last branch, the U.S. Air Force. The Air Force has four employment categories, offering jobs for women including bomber, fighter, helicopter pilot, special ops, trainer, healthcare positions, command and control, maintenance, re-fueler, crew chief, or administrative support. There are vast other specific roles included, making it one of the best branches for women to serve in because of the sheer variety.

Women have been climbing the ranks in the military and fighting for more opportunity for decades. Today, we’re pleased to say that restrictions are limited and opportunities abound in every branch.