Many companies are willing to hire veterans, but there are some companies that have made major commitments to hire, train, and value veterans. Below is a list of eight veteran friendly employers that not only have made such commitments, but are also hiring veterans at a high rate.


If you were to do a quick search of the UPS website you would find that they are committed to hiring veterans. In fact, they have a link entitled “UPS Veterans” which takes you to jobs specifically for military veterans. Veterans will need to type in their military job or code, but then they have access to apply for jobs by location, etc. UPS is committed to hiring veterans! Kudos UPS!


Much like UPS Walgreens have jobs tailored for veterans. The DNA of Walgreens is diversity and inclusion, which has led them to be inclusive of hiring veterans to help make their company as great as it is. The heartbeat of Walgreens is to leverage the diversity of their employees to help the company excel and what better group to employee than veterans!


Surprise, surprise! USAA is another company leading the way in hiring veterans. Army officers, who insured each other’s vehicles, founded this company in 1922! So it makes sense that USAA has committed to hire veterans – since they do business with these people! The spirit of this company is the same spirit that veterans embody: service, loyalty, honesty, and integrity.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Louisiana’s favorite chicken has also publically made commitments to hire veterans. From restaurant managers to food safety directors – veterans are being welcomed at a growing rate!


Veterans are in good hands with Allstate. They are another company that is committed to including individuals of all nationalities and backgrounds, including veterans. Much like Walgreens, Allstate seeks out veterans (among many people) in order to use a variety of background and expertise to make their company successful!


Much like UPS, (and the rest of the companies on the list) AT&T is dedicated to hiring veterans. On their website you can find a link to veteran jobs where they are able to locate jobs based on their location and job desire. All a veteran needs is to type in their military job or code and they will have access to jobs specifically held for veterans! Now that is commitment to US soldiers!

Home Depot

More saving. More doing. More hiring of veterans! The Home Depot is another company that has done more than talk – they are committed to the high rate of hiring veterans. From systems engineer to sales consultants – the Home Depot is a field abloom with jobs for veterans.


This company takes affirmative action to not only employ but to advance veterans. With tailor made jobs for vets like yard spotters, aircraft techs, innovation managers, and product designers Whirlpool is another company leading the way in their commitment to vets.

All of these companies, in one way or another, have made valuable commitments to hiring and advancing vets. Companies with American values that make products in the US usually are more committed to hiring of vets than others. Overall these companies show great awareness of their culture and the place supreme value on soldiers!