As a dependent of a military participant, navigating benefits can be overwhelming. Where do you even begin when it comes to claiming housing allowances, healthcare benefits like Tricare, and discounts and compensation? When it comes to Tricare, we’ve done some research to help you in smoothly utilizing your dental and medical plans.

Select the Right Plan for Your Family

First thing’s first, you must select the right plan for your family and dependents if you plan on allowing them to utilize it! There are multiple Tricare benefit packages and options available, so selecting the right one is simply imperative. lists which package is right based on your circumstance, listing packages as such: Active Duty members and dependents, Reservists and Guard members and dependents, overseas programs, retirees, children between the ages of 18-26, dental, pharmacy, vision, and transitional health benefits.

Get More Specific with Medical Coverage

Have you narrowed down the category you fall into? Let’s say you’re active duty and interested in having your dependents able to utilize your medical and dental benefits through Tricare. Once you click the category “Active Duty Members and Dependents” at, you get to narrow down the type of plan you need. You must enroll in one of the Prime plans based on where you’re stationed – there are tiered plans based on where you’re located and the coverage you need. For example, Tricare Prime is available worldwide, offers fewer out of pocket costs than the Standard and Extra plan options, but is a lot stricter in terms of which doctors you can see. Many families stationed in the States opt for the U.S. Family Health Plan, which is eligible to military families who live near civilian medical facilities. No matter what your family’s situation is, there should be a Tricare benefit that fits your dependents’ medical needs perfectly.

Dental Options

Dependents (for active duty families) will need to select the Tricare Dental Plan, which is a voluntary dental insurance program. This program applies to most active duty members, most Guard and Reservist members, and all of their family members and dependents.

There is no shortage of medical and dental benefits for the families and dependents of those serving our country, sometimes it just takes some exploring to determine exactly what those are. Visit to determine your military participant’s place and type of duty, and to further narrow your options per that status. From there, you’ll have access to a number of plans that should work great for you and your family.