Military families work hard and sacrifice much, they should get to play hard, too. Unfortunately, many of these families find themselves strapped financially, or entirely too busy to find the time to take for a great family vacation. There is great news – if you can find the time, we can point you in the direction of a great agency that will save you hundreds of dollars when you book your vacation through them.

Who Can Use Government Vacation Rewards?

Nearly every government or federally funded employee (in or out of the military) is eligible to use Government Vacation Rewards. Active duty military, veterans, government employees and civilian contractors all may benefit greatly from the web site.

What Benefits Are There for Using Government Vacation Rewards?

The obvious may jump right out at you: use government vacation rewards to save money on vacations. Allow us to get a little more specific, though. Every dollar you spend earns you one point, and 2,500 points is equivalent to about $150 in savings. Just for signing up for the program, you’ll get 2,500 points towards your vacation. You’ll have access to travel deals via email only programs so that you’re not getting bombarded with phone calls, and your family members are eligible to receive the benefits as well. You may be thinking that similar deals can be found elsewhere, and that’s probably right; here’s the kicker: if you do find a better deal through another agency, Government Vacation Rewards will match the price for you.

What Kind of Vacations?

Vacation opportunities are endless, really. Cruises, resorts, national and international getaways are all featured and offered as specials or coupons on their Web site. Whether it’s a trip with just you and your partner, or you’re bringing the kids along for some family fun, there’s always going to be some great options for you if you’re utilizing your rewards.

Any Complaints?

A quick search online may reveal some negative reviews, mainly centered on high pressure sales techniques and the whole thing being a “rip off”. The bottom line to bear in mind in booking your vacation is that it takes spending money to save money. People who view this agency as a rip off likely don’t understand the nature of a points reward system, and feel scammed or pressured into spending the money necessary in order to save the money they want to save. Most official reviews praise the agency for their prices, variety of choices and knowledgable and polite customer service. In fact, they received 4.8 out of 5 stars in Google reviews, which speaks volumes over the complaints.

All in all – if you’re a current or former military or government employee, and you’re looking for a way to save money, earn points, and find military friendly discounts, Government Vacation Rewards can be a great way to do it.