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Military News Roundup: February 4, 2016

Are we paying for the F-35 before we know it’s combat ready? via CNN. The price of the new Joint Strike Fighter program has spiraled to more than double the original estimate. Attempts to cut costs by buying in bulk may mean the Pentagon is paying in advance for several hundred of the aircraft before they are fully tested.

Will women need to register for the draft? via New York Times. The Army’s Chief of Staff and the Commandant of the Marine Corps have both said in a congressional hearing that they support requiring women to register for the draft. So far no official position has been released by the office of the Secretary of Defense or by the White House.

New leadership for U.S. forces in Afghanistan. via Yahoo. LTG John Nicholson has been approved by the senate to replace Gen John Campbell as the U.S. commander in Afghanistan. LTG Nicholson has been serving as the commander of the NATO Allied Land Command, and was nominated for the position by President Obama in January.

Military Spouses take their start-up to Shark Tank. via The Fayetteville Observer. Two women at Fort Bragg are taking action to help military spouses find meaningful employment. Many military spouses have difficulty finding work when their husband or wife has to move frequently, but R. Riveter aims to change that by giving spouses the opportunity to design and produce high-end leather handbags. Look for them 5 February on Shark Tank on ABC.