If you’re in the process of enlisting in the Military, you may have a specific idea of what branch of service you’d like to go into. Did you know that each branch requires a different standard in physical fitness? It’s important to know the differences in each branch requirements so that you can effectively train for and secure a position that you actually want. So, what are the fitness test standards for each branch?


If you’re interested in joining the Army, you’ll want to make sure you can successfully run two miles, and do a significant number of sit-ups and push-ups. Outstanding scores are around 300, and depending on what jobs you aspire to, you may need to score above a 260 to be considered. Here’s what the test entails: number of push-ups in two minutes (must be minimum of 49), number of sit-ups in two minutes (must be minimum of 59), pull-ups (minimum 6), and a two mile run (no slower than 15 minutes and 12 seconds). More intense physical Army roles may require more fitness testing, like hiking or swimming.


Standard Navy fitness tests occur twice a year, and include specific measurements and assessments on height, weight and body fat. The test, like the Army, includes running, sit-ups and push-ups at a minimum, but is designed to push the body to the limit to test flexibility and endurance.

Navy SEALs and other more intense roles include several other significantly more difficult water-based fitness tests.

Air Force

Those interested in joining the Air Force should be prepared to pass a test measuring their cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and flexibility. Similar to the previously discussed branches, this test includes a two mile run, push-ups, and sit-ups. Similarly, Special Forces in the Air Force will require more intense testing, similar to that of a Navy SEAL.

Marine Corps

Marines must perform their physical fitness test every six months, and have adequate time to train and prepare for it within their active duty requirements. Physical requirements are of a higher standard, and include dead hang pull ups, crunches, and a three mile run.

Coast Guard

Since Coast Guard workers typically see more active and consistent physical situations on the job, much is required of them for their physical fitness test. The standard two mile run with sit-ups and push-ups is a requirement, along with a 12 minute swim.

No matter what branch you’re applying for, you’ll want to further delve into the specific minimum requirements based on your gender, age, and specific department. Always strive to give it your all and to beyond the bare minimum in training, as many times your training prepares you for life or death situations.