The average military retiree is between 42-44 years old and retirement for them happens after 22-24 years of service (normally). So after a life of service to country and moving from place to place, what are some U.S. states that are welcoming to retirees? Places that have lower tax rates, a reasonable cost of living, and good health care rankings. Assimilating back into a normal civilian lifestyle can be difficult for a vet, but here are the best states for retired veterans.


The great state of Oklahoma is the place where labor conquers all things (state motto). If there is one thing a vet knows how to do, it is labor! Hard work and dedication is something that is bred in military men and women so Oklahoma finds itself number five of the top states for military retirees! This state is ranked 6th in economic environment rank, ranked 9th in quality of life, and ranked 33rd in health care. The unemployment rank is low and there are a plethora of jobs that require military skills – plus it is home to great universities. The state tax rate is middle of the road, but the cost of living is quite reasonable.


Everything’s bigger in Texas! Texas comes in at 4th place among the fifty state. Texas is another state that does not tax military retirement pay and the cost of living is very affordable. Texas has a lower sales tax than many other states as well! Not only does Texas offer retiring vets great benefits, but Texas also offers great sporting teams (Rangers, Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars, Texans, Astros, etc.) and beautiful National Parks.


Wide-open spaces, gorgeous views, and sunsets that can take anyone’s breathe away! Montana ranks as the 3rd best place for a vet to retiree. Montana is a wonderful place to retire because of the affordable cost of living and a health care rank of number one in the nation! Montana is the place for any retiring vet that is looking for open spaces and excellent health care! 

New Hampshire

‘Live free or die’ as they say in New Hampshire! New Hampshire ranks as the number two state for retiring vets! This is because of low unemployment rates, no state tax on military retirement pay, and the low sales tax. The cost of living a bit high, but with all the other benefits New Hampshire is a no brainer for retired vets to make a home!


Wyoming is known for its vast plains, the Rocky Mountains, and of course Yellowstone National Park! This state is a natural wonder being home to hundreds of rivers, dozens of canyons, and Old Faithful! Wyoming ranks as the number one state for a military vet to retire. Wyoming is ranked 4th in economic environment, quality of life is ranked 7th, and health care is ranked 4th! 

The cost of living is low, the pace of life is slow, but the quality of life cannot be beat! For those vets looking for a humble place to retire they need to look no further!

Do you live in one of these best states for retired veterans?